Hello and welcome to our health and prevention lifestyle blog!

We are Venny and Andy.

Through this blog, we want to share with you how shifting our attitude towards prevention has dramatically affected our health and well-being.

For the past couple of years, we have been on a journey to better know our own bodies and how the environment we live in affects us.

Being conscious about our health has led us to better monitor ourselves and to uncover the chronic conditions we have.

We have also adapted our daily routine and include prevention in our lifestyle.

Last but not least, we are also ‘detoxing’ our home from not-so-healthy, man-made materials that can potentially leach harmful substances into our food, skin and air.

Choosing to live a life with fewer toxins in our environment and food has resulted in a significant improvement in Andy’s allergies. We believe that by continuing to follow this path, we can live a better, disease-free life.

Who we are

We are a couple, who is passionate about health and well-being.

It is this passion that led Venny to medical school and to become a doctor.

Passion, which, as we have recently realised, runs through our veins. All but one of Andy’s grandparents and Venny’s mother are medical professionals.

Passion, which drives us to explore new ways to seek health and prevention consciously.

What is a ‘Prevention Mindset’

The ‘Prevention Mindset’ is the driving force behind our pursuit of better health.

It is about looking at our habits, lifestyle, possessions and aspirations through the lenses of prevention and health.

To realise that it is our responsibility to know ourselves, our bodies as well as we can. Only so we can be able to anticipate and prevent those diseases that we might be prone to because of our lifestyle and our genetic predispositions.

To shape our habits and routine on the basis of health instead of comfort. When we prioritise prevention, it is easy to find ways to brush our teeth more thoroughly, find time for exercise or to not eat that sweet snack every afternoon just because we are used to.

To be critical of what materials our possessions are made out of and are they really safe. So often we buy the cheaper food processor, sweater or can of beans because we cannot find any measurable difference between them. Yet, the artificial materials that all the cheaper alternatives contain are what makes the difference in the prize and the potentially negative impact they have on our health.

The Prevention Mindset is simply to understand that our health is mostly in our hands and that doctors, government and industry can only advise us, help us and offers us a choice to be as healthy as we decide or not.

Why did we become prevention-cautious

Read our story in more detail here!

We are both suffering from diseases that are caused by the improper function of our immune system (an autoimmune thyroiditis and allergies).

Diseases which are getting more and more widespread in this civilised world of ours.

A couple of years ago we asked ourselves – could it be our lifestyle or the artificial materials in our homes, cars and offices that play a role in the growing number of such health issues?

Apparently yes.

So we went on a journey to take real responsibility for our health.

To educate ourselves and become proactive.

To clean as much as we can our habitat from potentially toxic materials.

To prevent them from leaching into our food.

To be critical about the quality of the cosmetics and clothes we wear.

And now we want to share what we have learnt and do with you.

Our purpose

Through this blog, we aim to

Empower you with knowledge so that you know what risks you might be exposing yourself to through your diet, daily routine or hobbies.

Share everyday prevention “hacks” that you can insert into your routine.

Give you insights into how to detox your environment from many toxic, yet commonplace, materials.

Provide medical information about diseases you may be predisposed to and how to assess if there is a risk for you and how to approach it.